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ABOUT US  Larry Williams is a respected  veteran journalist and professional  speaker who shares a passion for  offering cutting-edge ideas in  business and personal growth that  challenge conventional thinking  and inspire change. For the most part, these ideas are  based upon one simple principle -  to embrace traditional standards  and ethics of the past generation  and apply them to today’s world.  He has received high acclaim from  some of the most prominent people  in business, entertainment and  government for his originally  creative concepts. This website is the “official” place  to find Larry Williams’ books, CDs,  DVDs, coaching programs, public  speaking engagements and many  free resources that share his  advocacy and passion for affecting  significant change in leadership,  community and customer service. 
This is the book that started the movement. It offers fresh ideas and compelling rationale for continued self-improvement.
“An invaluable piece of work!”        - Dick Clark
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